I’m Mad As Hell!!!!!

R.I.P. Lieby Kletzy

Several days ago, 8-year old Lieby Kletzy asked his mother if he could walk home alone from day camp. Reluctantly, she said yes and decided to let him do what “big boys” do. Well, that decision turned out to be a bad one because the poor boy never made it home. He got lost, asked a stranger (from his very safe community where heinous crimes don’t happen) for help. The rest of the story turned tragic very quickly. A “well-meaning man” came to his rescue and helped him straight to death! The man allegedly killed the boy and then professionally butchered him and then dumped parts of him in a dumpster at 4th Avenue and 20th Street, and the rest of him in a refrigerator at the killer’s home. The dumpster was near my neighborhood and the whole story sickened me. I cried over this boy who was just days away from his ninth birthday. He did nothing wrong and shouldn’t have had a care in the world except enjoying the rest of the summer until school begins its fall session. Instead, he faced some horrific fate that only he and his killer knows. Certainly, it was a senseless one that Leiby didn”t deserve. I am mad as hell because the killer will probably play crazy and plead insanity and get off with a light sentence or be placed in the nuthouse. In my opinion, this boy’s killer should be placed in prison with Big Bubba and ‘nem so they can do with him whatever they will. Also, the man shopuld be put in a room with the boy’s parents, fa,ily, and mad NYC residents weilding knives so they can slice off pieces of him at the time. It should be done slowly and meticulously so he will feel the pain of what he did to that innocent boy! That is the human part of me speaking. The part that’s mad and wants to go out there and buy the knives for them to do that. However, the Christian part of me says that God already has a plan for how He will deal with this murderer and it’ll be meted out in His time. It sickens me how the man could have done something so awful. Who could commit such a crme against any child? I’ve heard his explanation, and all about the voices he hears and his hallucinations. To all of that rot I say, hogwash! There is no justification for what he did. All I can say is that this crime has sent people who don’t normally visit Borouigh Park into that community to show support and love for Lieby’s parents.This is the time to put silly differences, misunderstandings aside and stand for what is right and just.  This type of crime knows no color–only good people coming together to say “enough” and we will not stand for this happening in any community.  I’d like to publicly lend my support of them and stand with them in the face of this tragedy. I am so sorry for your loss. May Leiby rest in peace with Our Lord. May his killer know no peace.

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