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R.I.P. Lieby Kletzy

Several days ago, 8-year old Lieby Kletzy asked his mother if he could walk home alone from day camp. Reluctantly, she said yes and decided to let him do what “big boys” do. Well, that decision turned out to be a bad one because the poor boy never made it home. He got lost, asked a stranger (from his very safe community where heinous crimes don’t happen) for help. The rest of the story turned tragic very quickly. A “well-meaning man” came to his rescue and helped him straight to death! The man allegedly killed the boy and then professionally butchered him and then dumped parts of him in a dumpster at 4th Avenue and 20th Street, and the rest of him in a refrigerator at the killer’s home. The dumpster was near my neighborhood and the whole story sickened me. I cried over this boy who was just days away from his ninth birthday. He did nothing wrong and shouldn’t have had a care in the world except enjoying the rest of the summer until school begins its fall session. Instead, he faced some horrific fate that only he and his killer knows. Certainly, it was a senseless one that Leiby didn”t deserve. I am mad as hell because the killer will probably play crazy and plead insanity and get off with a light sentence or be placed in the nuthouse. In my opinion, this boy’s killer should be placed in prison with Big Bubba and ‘nem so they can do with him whatever they will. Also, the man shopuld be put in a room with the boy’s parents, fa,ily, and mad NYC residents weilding knives so they can slice off pieces of him at the time. It should be done slowly and meticulously so he will feel the pain of what he did to that innocent boy! That is the human part of me speaking. The part that’s mad and wants to go out there and buy the knives for them to do that. However, the Christian part of me says that God already has a plan for how He will deal with this murderer and it’ll be meted out in His time. It sickens me how the man could have done something so awful. Who could commit such a crme against any child? I’ve heard his explanation, and all about the voices he hears and his hallucinations. To all of that rot I say, hogwash! There is no justification for what he did. All I can say is that this crime has sent people who don’t normally visit Borouigh Park into that community to show support and love for Lieby’s parents.This is the time to put silly differences, misunderstandings aside and stand for what is right and just.  This type of crime knows no color–only good people coming together to say “enough” and we will not stand for this happening in any community.  I’d like to publicly lend my support of them and stand with them in the face of this tragedy. I am so sorry for your loss. May Leiby rest in peace with Our Lord. May his killer know no peace.


An Extraordinary Author, Shonell Bacon

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The Author

Shonell Bacon is an author, editor, educator, everywoman. She’s authored both creative and academic works, she’s edited for clients who have gone on to some form of success in their literary endeavors, and she’s an English specialist and mass communication instructor at the local university in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Shonell has her hands in even more things than this, and you can find MOST of them online through her MySpace page and her personal page. She’s also an addict of Twitter, so please sign up and “follower” her at Twitter.

The Book

Connections is a romantic comedy that’s perfect for today’s world where love is often found in Cyberspace.

Monday through Friday, for one hour a day, newspaper reporter Christianna Dayne’s life is wonderful. Despite her hectic life, she always manages to spend her lunch hour at Cyber Town where she can catch up with her best friend Samantha, grab a bite to eat, and most importantly, hook up with her cyber boo online. Christianna is definitely feeling LitGuy66, but she’s too afraid to meet him because she doesn’t want reality to come crashing down around her. What Christianna doesn’t know is she’s not in control; fate is, and when fate puts a flesh and blood man before her – a man who just happens to not only be her possible Mr. Wonderful but also her ultimate scoop – Christianna must decide whether to flee or stick around and pursue the endless possibilities.

Connections – as well as Got Til It’s Gone and Under the Mistletoe – are all available at Lady Leo Publishing.


I smiled at my girl, taking her hands in mine and giving them a squeeze. I glanced at the contrast of our hands—hers being alabaster and mine the color of cinnamon. I chuckled, thinking of how people often looked at our color; raised brows at our loud, usually not politically correct discussions; and refused to see that we were sisters beyond our hues. Since we hooked up and lucked out as roommates our first year of college, Sam and I had been joined at the hip. Not even full-time jobs or the daily grind of life could keep us from staying connected.

“Thanks, Sis,” I said. “I know you’re just worried about my so-called love life. Not all of us can be graced to have a love like you and Jake.”

“True, but you know Jake and I have our problems…”

I gave Sam a serious look, before asking, “So how are things, between you, Jake, Jax, and Jamaica?”

“It’s going,” Sam said, sighing. “Jake and I can do nothing but continue loving each other and watching out for Jax. Jax is so young. I don’t want to hurt her with her mother’s crazy issues. If Jamaica is going to act up, then we’ll just have to deal with it then. She’s been okay since we talked to her, but you never know.”

I nodded. Our conversation was halted as a guy approached the counter. Wow, I thought, he’s cute. I knew Sam was thinking the same thing because she offered me a smirk before helping him.

“What can I do for you?” she asked.

“Uh, yeah,” he said, looking rushed, “can I get a cup of coffee and a turkey Swiss croissant?”

“Sure thing.”

“Ditto on that order, Sam, but make my coffee a caramel latte, please.” She nodded and turned away. I drummed my fingertips along the counter, catching glimpses of the guy out of the corner of my eye.

“Hi,” he said, catching me glancing. I turned toward him, a blush rising in my cheeks.

“Hi,” I replied, embarrassed. Now looking directly at him, I was like Elvis, all shook up.

He was gorgeous, in that artsy kind of way, and his Hispanic heritage just added to his machismo factor. He had the most beautiful pair of brown eyes—after my own—and a nice full mouth. He ran his hand over his slightly spiky brown hair and offered the other to me.

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Introducing Author Allyson Deese/Caramel Vixen

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The Author

Allyson Deese aka “Caramel Vixen” is an author and a poet as well as a student majoring in medical office administration. She resides in North Carolina. Although only in her twenties, she has been writing poetry for most of her life and has now began penning her poetry into the pages of her fictional stories of multiple genres. “Discovering the Joy Within” is the author’s first work of fiction to be published. You can find “Discovering the Joy Within” featured in Elissa Gabrielle’s upcoming anthology “The Triumph Of My Soul” http://www.thetriumphofmysoul.com available Christmas 2007. Please read more on Allyson by visiting her on MySpace; you can also read more on her alter ego Caramel Vixen at MySpace, too.

The Book

Allysia Donaldson is a woman who has always known what she wanted professionally. She pursued her dream of owning her own clothing line. Allysia is now the CEO of Ample Delights, a company that caters to the thick madames of the world. At the young age of thirty, Allysia has accomplished a lot but yet she feels a void. As much as she has pursured professionally, she has run away from in her personal life. Davis is a single, hard working father. He lost his wife to cancer. Even though women are constantly throwing themselves at him, Davis doesn’t date. The one woman he wants won’t give him the time of day. If Allysia would only open her heart to him, Davis would fill that void in her life. She may see him as only a delivery guy but if she would only take the time to get to know him she would realize there’s so much more to Davis Jackson. LaDonna Jenkins moved from Georgia to New York City in hopes of becoming more than she could be in Willacoochee, Georgia. She wanted more than the simple farm life. LaDonna wanted to see the world outside of Georgia. She has a hard time fitting in up in the Big Apple but she’s thankful to have found a good job as secretary for the very beautiful, Allysia Donaldson. And LaDonna is also a strong believer in fate. Though Allysia is rich and powerful, LaDonna knows that she is also lonely. She’s going to marry Allysia off to that fine Davis if its the last thing she does. And in the meantime, LaDonna has her eye on an eligible bachelor as well. Office Affairs is a funny, erotic tale about love and the discovery of self worth!

Office Affairs is available at Lady Leo Publishing.


I spent a full day at the office with no thoughts of work on my mind. I flipped through the catalogues absent-mindedly. Nothing caught my eye. The only thing on my mind was sex. I needed to get laid in the worst way. LaDonna’s advice about Davis was making more sense but I still wasn’t sure I was ready for dinner with him. I thought about having coffee with him but to my surprise he hadn’t asked me out in weeks. Some times when you snooze, you lose. With LaDonna and Ronald hitting it off so well, she had a better chance of getting laid than I had.

I drove home with my top back, letting the wind massage my tense body. If only I had a man to sit next to in my ride. I could really go for a Splackavellie right about now! I want to be naked in the passenger seat while my man drives me to a secluded area. I want my thick, ample thighs to feel the wind as he hits again and again, and again. That would be all good!

Squeal! I had to come to a screeching halt to avoid hitting the car in front of me. ‘Get it together, Allysia.’ I tell myself. If I keep thinking about sex, I’ll be on the six o’clock news. It’s a damn shame that a grown ass woman ain’t getting it on the regular!

At home I park my Mercedes coupe in the garage and enter my big, empty house. I smell my dinner for the evening but there’s no one to share it with. No man. No children. Even the workers are gone for today. I would invite LaDonna over but even she has a date. She and Ronald are really hitting it off. Even though he likes her as she is, I still owe that chic a makeover. I’m sick of the sailor dresses in every unimaginable color.

I headed up the winding staircase. If only Davis was up in my room waiting for me. The things I could do to that man. If only he would let me get my freak on without any strings attached. I’m not trying to hurt him or get my heart broken while being a puppet in a show called Love.

After a long, cold shower I plopped down on my king size bed. With nothing else to do, I reached for the remote. Wouldn’t you know the first channel that popped up was an HBO channel? There was a couple going at it! I turned the channel quickly. Damn cable TV wasn’t much better! I turned to the animal channel. I hoped that just maybe the crocodiles wouldn’t be mating. Wrong! I turned to the animal channel only to see a species of animals I didn’t even know, fucking the hell out of each other. Everybody was getting some except me. Frustrated as hell I turned off the TV and sent the remote sailing across the room.

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Letitia P. Blount, Author Extraordinaire

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The Author

Letitia was the Founder of Champagne on the Hill and Champagne on the Hill Online Showcase where she featured authors and poets on a monthly basis. She has self-published 3 poetry collections: Infidelite’, Sanctuary, A Woman, A Pen and Paper, and she published a poetry collection titled Conditions of the Heart- A poetry collection of self-love with PublishAmerica. Letitia is an author with Lady Leo Publishing.

You can learn more about Letitia by checking out her website and her blog!

The Book

Consequences of a Temptress is a confessional short story all about what Zoë wants Zoë gets. All Zoë’s life she’s been told how beautiful and banging her body is and she used it to her advantage. She loves the challenge of a man playing hard to get. It encourages her to pursue him aggressively. After she conquers her victim she loses interest until she meets Ahmad, she finds her biggest challenge that involves emotions, religion and life altering situations.

Consequences of a Temptress is available at Lady Leo Publishing.


Ahmad Woods, my ex-husband and father of my son is one of the sweetest men I’ve ever met in my life. He’s a brotha I feel every woman wants to have in her life. He’s strong, intelligent, loving, caring and a true friend. He’s family-oriented and listens when a woman has something to say.

Sometimes he would go so deep in conversation that I used to get caught up in his thoughts and views of the world. I wished I could just have an ounce of his wisdom, and share it willingly as he does. I know you must be thinking if he’s so good why is he my ex? Well what happened was…

It was a hot summer day in August and the temperature was rising by the seconds. I dotted beads of sweat with tissue and the residue stuck to my face. I had to squeeze through the crowds of wanna be gangstas who should have had their butts in school instead of making comments about my backside and legs. I ignored their remarks and continued on my way when I walked up on Ahmad. He was passing out religious pamphlets in front of a department store in the middle of downtown Boston.

Usually I wouldn’t take any handouts from anyone trying to give me anything on the street. All I wanted was some food on my lunch hour, but this brotha was FINE, dark chocolate, with hazel eyes and a smile that instantly melted me. I mean, this brotha made my mouth water its own sugar.

Of course I had no interest in what he had to say. To be honest I had no idea what he said. In seconds, inside my mind, I had foreseen him as my man, dating, sexing him up and down, and walking down the aisle, and yes, next came the baby carriage. I wanted to get to know him better and nothing would stand in my way. So I set out to conquer this beautiful black man.

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Lady Leo Publishing Author, Rae Winters

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The Author

Rae Winters is a native New Yorker and her love of romance books started at the age of ten. Many days she was locked up in the bathroom reading a book, instead of doing her chores. Rae Winters, pseudonym for D. F. Mitchell has published book reviews, short stories, and sensual poems for Dorchester Media. Her work has appeared in True Confessions, Jive, Black Confession, Black Romance, and Bronze Thrill magazines.

She studied the craft of writing at the Frederick Douglas Creative Arts Center. She also studied Fiction and Mystery writing through an on-line distance learning program. She continues to study her craft at every available opportunity. She’s currently working on several short stories including her first romance novel, and she can be reached at DFMitchell138@aol.com.

The Book

The first in Winters’ Girlfriend’s Series, Unfinished Business is the story of Sydney Harris who is ten days from walking down the aisle when her fiancé, Lance Edwards, develops cold feet. He skips town taking a transfer to the Washington, D.C. office. She’s devastated, but sometimes trouble is a blessing in disguise.
Two years ago, Sydney dropped handsome Phoenix Sanders, a construction worker. She believed she’d been wasting her time with him, and he wasn’t serious about marriage. But when she proposes a marriage of convenience she will find out just how wrong she’d been.

Unfinished Business as well as Undeniable are available at Lady Leo Publishing.


Nix came to the door, towel draped against his sculptured body, moisture from his recent shower dripping down his chest. He looked good enough to eat. My fantasy from yesterday’s business meeting came back in real time, as I stood there mesmerized by his body.

“Sydney, what are you doing here?”

“I need to talk to you, Nix.”

“Make this quick, I’ve got an early call tomorrow morning,” he said, opening the door wide enough for me to pass through.

My nose honed in on his after-shower-scent and I found myself wishing to join him in the shower as we had done many times before: showering, making love, and then showering again.

“This is a beautiful house, Nix. You just moved in?” I asked. We were surrounded by unopened boxes.

“Yeah, I moved in on Saturday.”

“May I see the house, Nix?”

He didn’t answer me, but he did shake his head which I took as a “yes.” I went exploring. The basement level was unfinished, and the main floor had a spacious kitchen, formal dining room, and a huge living room. Eagerly, I climbed the stairs to the second level, and found three bedrooms. Two of them were big enough for a nursery and a combination library-study.

I walked into his master bedroom—which was the largest of the three bedrooms. It was elegantly furnished, and the walls had crown molding.

“Is this your work? I like what you’re doing to it, celery green wall paint, and my favorite is the French doors. Where does that door lead to?”

“Sydney, did you come here to talk, or to see my new home?”

I could hear the annoyance in Nix’s voice.

“I’m sorry. You know my passion for decorating a room. I think if you put the sleigh bed against the right wall, and not the left, it will give you even more space.”

“I’m a foreman now, and I have to be in Staten Island at five A. M., so say whatever you have to say, now!”

Nix was now standing in front of me; his sherry-chocolate eyes smothered me, and stopped me in my track. I slowly backed away from him, feeling sexually threatened. He smelled so good, his chest glistened, and I wanted—no needed to touch him. I fought my inward desires, because I was wet with need, and I needed to talk to him…

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My Books On The Shelf

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Book Two--On Sale Now

Book Two--On Sale Now

Currently, I have four books on bookstore shelves. They are: Can I Get An Amen (the paperback reissue), Can I Get An Amen Again, Erogenous Zone, and Gumbo For The Soul.

The Amen books are anthologies, along with my pen sisters Natalie Dunbar, Janice Sims, and Kim Louise. In Can I Get An Amen, my novella is called “Love Under New Management.” In Amen Again, my novella is titled “A Change Is Gonna Come.”

Erogenous Zone is also an anthology along with several talented sisters of the pen–including Lady Leo’s own Caramel Vixen!!!!! My story is called “The Mile High Club,” and boy is it a five alarmer! Better have some water available when you read that one (or your man) or both!

Gumbo For The Soul is yet another anthology in which I have an essay about literacy. It baffles me how we still have so many illiterate people in our technologically country. That shouldn’t be! Anyone who wants an education should have one. I speak to my teaching experiences in the NYC school system and to my own personal experiences with education. My essay is titled “Education From The Catbird Seat.”

Each of these books is available at chain and local bookstores, as well as from the usual online outlets using the ISBN number at the bookstore type of your choice.

Here’s a blurb about my novella in Can I Get An Amen Again.

The sisters of Red Oaks Christian Fellowship have come back for another heaping helping of spiritual healing, great singing, and fantastic preaching. In Nathasha Brooks-Harris’ novella, “A Change Is Gonna Come,” when Dr. Gabrielle Talbot moves to Red Oaks, Georgia, love is the furthest thing on her mind. But when she meets the sexy Marcus Danforth—the contractor brother of her first patient—all bets are off! Can she forget the hurt and betrayal from her past and give into love? Can she forgive the ex-fiancé who hurt her and “get her amen on” again?

The Lady Leo Blog Tour: Introducing My Sister of the Pen, Empress La Blaque

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The Author

Empress’ writing career started as the results of domestic violence. In order to escape the harsh reality of abuse she would read, True Confessions, Bronze
Thrills, Jive and the entire line of Romance Stories produced by Sterling McFadden. As she read, she realized her life was similar to the heroines in the
stories. One day, she decided to write her own romance stories. She wrote about men who were tender, affectionate and romantic. Soon she owned several
stories of her own. Empress has published on many levels. She is very proud of her accomplishments as a speaker for Prevention of Family and Domestic

The Book

Porter Stewart teaches Greek Mythology at the university. Jorey Jeffers is the busy owner of a successful café. When Porter visits Jorey’s café she
doesn’t acknowledge his existence. Porter longs for her affections. His feelings are so intense he has realistic dreams about her. During these dreams,
Porter leaves his body and steals Jorey’s soul. Suddenly, Jorey is plagued with vivid nightmares of passionate encounters. Meanwhile, Porter continues to
call and his calls go unanswered. Jorey insists he has the wrong number.

Sorry, Wrong Number – as well as What Color is Love and My Brother’s Keeper – are all available at Lady Leo Publishing.


The phone continued to ring and there was no doubt–I was totally pissed. As I tossed debris I gritted my teeth and searched for the source of the dreadful ringing phone. Couldn’t he at least give me one night off? This idiot had called for a solid week, and this time, Jorey was not going to be so polite. Finally, I located the phone beneath the bed. I snatched up the phone and plopped down on the comforter. Without giving the guy a chance to speak I spoke first. “Look, Mister. You have called me every damn night this week. You are disturbing my rest! I told you–you had the wrong number.”

From the phone, a calm male’s voice said, “Believe me, I am sorry, but I simply must talk with you. Your name is Jorey, right? Jorey Jeffers.”

I gnashed my teeth. “Yes! My name is Jorey, Jeffers. I don’t know who you are and at this hour, I don’t care to know!”

“Ah, what a shame. I’m sorry to hear that.” The voice remained calm. “You do own the little café down on Compton and Third, right?”

Seething, I held the phone to my ear, stood up and impatiently paced beside the bed. “Of course I do.” As if poking the man in the chest, I pointed my finger and stabbed at the air. “I know your kind. You came in, saw me on the menu and now you’re stalking me, right?”

Although, I was angry enough to chew nails, I did notice that the voice seemed refined and well bred. His foreign accent was amazingly sexy. “Well, not really,” he haggled. “However, you can relax. I’m not a stalker. . . ”

I was not going to be swayed by a sensual male voice. After all, I was supposed to be pissed, right? “Look. I’m a very busy woman.” As if the guy was standing in my bedroom, I pulled my robe together. “I don’t even know you and you’ve gotten off to a bad start, got that.”

The voice chuckled. “I’m sorry. I guess my methods for meeting you were a bit childish.” He paused briefly. “May I start all over and introduce myself properly?”

My hair was sopping wet; droplets of water ran down the side of my face and moistened the phone. I blotted my ear with the damp towel. “Mister. You could try, but I’m a little annoyed with you right about now.”

“I didn’t mean to make you angry,” he admitted sorrowfully.

I threw my hand into the air. “Well, you did.” Water started to stream down my neck and chest. “I was just about to lather my hair when you interrupted my personal ritual.”

The voice was crisp, rich and refreshing. “I’m sorry, Jorey. God forbid I interfere with the maintenance of that gorgeous red hair. Would you at least talk with me over the phone? That’s pretty safe, don’t you think?”

“That depends.” I walked toward the window, pulled the curtains apart and peered out the blinds. For all I knew this guy could be on a cell phone directly beneath my window. “I don’t know what you could possibly want. This is not 1 800-PhoneSex.” I tried to calm my nerves and rationalize with the man. “Look, this is none of your business, but I’m coming out of a really nasty relationship. I’m trying to mend—I need my space. You do understand, right?”
After I didn’t see a car parked near the curb, I closed the curtains and sat down on the side of the bed.

The voice took on an enduring tone. “You’re coming out of a dreadful relationship? I can’t say I’m sorry to hear that. I’m too selfish.”

Although the voice was deep, sensual, and intelligent, I stood my ground. “Oh. So you have no regard for my feelings.”

The voice paused then sighed. “You’re kinda hard to please. I meant that as a compliment.”

I glanced at the clock on the nightstand. It was getting late and I needed to shut this conversation down. “Look. I’m not in the mood for idle conversation. Plus, weirdoes call me all the time.”

The mellow voice became seductive. Almost in a whisper he uttered, “I can’t say I blame them.”

I shrugged hesitantly; his voice was pleasant—very pleasant. But, I wasn’t going to let a passionate voice influence my coveted PMS attitude. “Wel1 anyway, good night–whatever your name is?”

Being surprised, the voice droned, “Please excuse my behavior, Jorey. My name is Porter—Porter Stewart.”

Although, I was still slightly annoyed, the sensual vibrations of the voice melted over me. “If you were a gentleman you would have introduced yourself at first. Good night, Porter Stewart.”

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